Monday, February 28, 2011

bush goat.

So I've spent what seems like forever trying to identify some of the furry (and scaly) friends I met in Konia last week, and I think I finally figured out what they are!

The reason my detective work took so long (besides the fact that the internets are really slow here) is that Liberians refer to animals using very different names than we do.

When I asked a man what type of rodent I was holding, he replied "bush goat."

Me: "Sorry, what?"

Him: "Bush goat."
Me: "Is it some sort of sloth?"

Him: "Bush goat."

When I got home I figured I could just google image "bush goat," find something that looked similar, and see what the unidentified rodent was really called. My results were extremely unhelpful.

President Bush reading a book titled, "My Pet Goat."

A goat in a bush.

After more thorough research, this is what I discovered about some of the wildlife I met in Konia:

What Liberians call it: What Americans call it: What it's actually called:
bush goatmongoosekusimanse
crocodilegiant lizardnile monitor
meatsquirrelafrican rope squirrel
Follow the links (in pink) to learn more about each animal if you're interested!

Here are some photos I took of the animals:

And photos friends took of me hangin' with my new pals:

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  1. Way cool! I noticed that 2 or the 3 are 'threatened' :-(