Wednesday, February 16, 2011

morning run.

This morning I went for my first African run! I joined up with three other expats (expatriates, aka white people) who live in my neighborhood around 6:45 AM, right as the sun was coming up. The air was very humid and thick with fog, but the warmth was a nice change from running in the 8 degree Muncie weather.

After an easy two and a half mile jog I kicked off my tennis shoes and waded into the ocean. The waves felt amazing against my hot skin, I wish I had time to go for a full swim! The run itself was fine, but cooling down afterward proved to be a problem. Even after a cold shower I was still incredibly hot from the run. It took about an hour and a half for me to stop sweating, but now I feel great!

Today Seren and I are going to Duport Road, a community where we have a LACES soccer league. We will also be joined by James, a Liberian man who is the national director of LACES Liberia. There I will be taking a new photo of each child, as well as asking them what they like to do for fun, and their favorite thing about LACES. I am very excited to finally meet some of the LACES kids! I promise to post photos soon.

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  1. I"m so glad you're enjoying yourself so far! This is so exciting, Laur! Miss you bunches! <3