Friday, March 18, 2011

day in the life.

I apologize for my lack of exciting posts lately- I've been really busy at the office. (not that office work isn't exciting...)

Since I have no new adventures to report, I decided today's post would be a "day in the life," of sorts, of what I do on my less exciting days when I am not killing chickens or getting pummeled by waves.

7:30  a: Wake up. Instant coffee. Instant oatmeal. Put on pants. Walk to office.
8:00  a: Morning devotions: Songs I can't understand. Message I can semi-follow. Need to learn Liberian-English.
8:30  a: Friendly "Good Morning"s from all the Liberians in my office. 
8:35  a: First theological debate begins amongst ministry staff. Mentally prepare myself for more debates to follow.
8:40  a: Turn on iTunes. Put in headphones. Get to work on LACES marketing materials.
10:00a: Facebook stalk friends. Check Twitter. Attempt to load a YouTube video.
10:15a: Give up on video. Curse the African interwebz.
12:00p: Start listening for the lunch bell to ring.
12:05p: Ask someone if the bell rang and I missed it.
12:10p: Ask again if they're sure.
12:20p: Bell rings. Head downstairs.
12:21p: See they're serving fish. Head upstairs.
2:00  p: Hit up coffee machine. Shake ants off sugar cubes.
4:00  p: Video chat with boss. Surprised at good connection considering earlier YouTube frustration.
5:00  p: Pack up computer. Friendly "Goodbyes" from office staff.
5:05  p: Starvingly raid cupboard. Debate between Ramen chicken and Ramen beef flavors.
5:08  p: Go with chicken.
6:30  p: Lace up tennis shoes.  Go for run.
7:00  p: Drop off shoes at apartment. Cool down walk on beach as the sun is setting. (aw das so nice!)
7:30  p: Head to Chapman's to watch their kids/steal their internet/drink their coffee.
8:00  p: Intense game of tag. 
9:00  p: Kids to bed. Catch up on latest Liberian gossip with Keith and Kristin. Laugh a lot.
10:00p: Walk home. Tuck in mosquito net. Go to sleep!

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