Thursday, March 10, 2011


: to bash, bat, batter, bludgeon, club,  flog, hammer, lash, lick, maul, mess, paddle, pelt, pound, beat, punch, thrash, thump, tromp, wallop, whale, whip, whop or work over.

A word I didn't know the meaning of until I attempted surfing.

Even though it was for a sad reason (see previous post), I was still excited to have the day off of work yesterday. I spent the entire morning surfing... or at least trying to. Even though the majority of my time in the water was spent getting pummeled by oncoming waves, I still had a good time and came away with an excellent tan.


  1. Laura the surfing queen...little surfer girl..
    reminders me of a song. Here in Elkhart it is
    up to 50 today 3-15-11. Not weather for tanning,
    keep having fun.

    Love Deb and Al

  2. I hope the weather continues to warm up!! I'll send some sunshine your way :)