Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dinner table.

Typically three-year-old Stephen is the one dropping food on the floor or tossing silverware over his shoulder at the Chapman house. Lately, however, six-year-old Samuel (aka Boba Fett) has been having some issues at the dinner table. Unlike Stephen's actions, Samuel's are all accidents; equally as messy, twice as funny.

First, Samuel flips an entire untouched bowl of Ramen noodles onto the floor (see below). Total mess. Fast forward to the next night's meal, and he is practicing his martial arts moves. "No Tae Kwan Do during dinner, Samuel," Kristin says. Thirty seconds later he punches a full glass of Tang across the table. Then today, in an attempt to transfer a large amount of rice from one bowl to another, he accidentally transfers a large amount of rice from one bowl to his lap.

It's been an entertaining few days at the Chapman residence. Can't wait to see what happens during dinner tomorrow!

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  1. I needed a laugh today and I just literally LOLed at the tang incident