Friday, April 8, 2011

beat up.

Africa is kicking my butt.

From scratching itchy bug bites to impaling myself on my surfboard, I have not done the best job of taking care of my newly tanned skin. Last night we went out for a sunset surf session where I tumbled under a wave and cut my elbow on the fin of my board. I've also recently wrecked my shin on a rock (1st/2nd picture), scraped my palms when I fell playing soccer (3rd picture), and rammed my arm pretty hard into my board (4th picture).

For as much as I complain, being cut, scraped, and bruised is a small price to pay for being here doing what I'm doing. In the words of Chris Cagle, "Scars heal. Glory fades. And all we're left with are the memories made." :)


  1. Love your Chris Cagle quotes....yes you will heal and the memories and experiences are priceless -- hugs to you...Alice

  2. I look about the same right now from my surfing experience