Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i see two things.

We've all seen the cliché pictures of Africa- the photos of children with flies on their faces, surrounded by garbage, running around barefoot. I'd seen the images on television before I came to Liberia, and I saw the children in person once I arrived. The conditions are bad, and if you've been reading this blog, you've seen that in my photos. But what I want to tell you about today, however, is something different. Something you probably haven't seen.

Everyday I am surrounded by poverty and hardship.

Everyday I am also surrounded by the people who have dedicated their entire lives to changing that.

From clean water initiatives to adult literacy programs, the amazing men and women at Samaritan's Purse pour everything they have into bringing aid to those who need it most. When I leave SP and return home from the office, I am greeted by the Chapman's, who have left their lives in America behind to open one of the three dental clinics in the entire country.

I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to give up my final semester at Ball State to come to Liberia, and even still am struggling with the fact that I won't get to graduate with all my friends next month. I could never do what these people do every day, and am truly inspired by the way they live their lives. While I've only known them for a very little time, they have impacted me in a very big way.

When I look around me I see two things: The poverty and hardship of a war-torn nation, and the hope and dedication to make it a better place. I wish that everyone could see these two things with their own eyes. And I am confident that if they could, they would agree that the latter is much more powerful.

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